Greece was the ultimate bubble, and most of society was content with that — the promise of stress-free living was impossible to pass up. Over the years, I witnessed the powers-that-be strip away all mechanisms of entrepreneurship, risk and innovation in favor of the alternatives: a bloated public sector and a guaranteed employment structure. [...]

If I can take away one thing from my experience here and ingrain it into Greek society, it would be to move toward uncertainty, embrace the challenges ahead and find the joy in solving the problems of the present day. We need to drop the cynicism, forget the past indiscretions of our leaders (we are all guilty to some degree or another) and band together, roll up our sleeves and get to work.

The web is a force of nature unlike anything we have ever seen, and we need to recognize that tapping into this force requires trial and error. It is part of the game, and entrepreneurs play the game well.

Alex Christoforou (@alexwadja) on Mashable