Greek Prime minister talks about Indifex

Yesterday both me and Indifex were unexpectedly honored to be mentioned by the Greek Prime Minister as one of the best examples of innovative companies in Greece.

The Prime Minister was giving a talk at the biggest exhibition/fair in Greece (and probably the Balkans) which was broadcasted live by TV media and was being watched by a few million people (wow). In his talk about development and innovation, he mentions:

For us, sustainability means investing in people, knowledge acquisition, technology assimilation, investing in our own products, knowledge, history, skills, and aesthetic quality.

And we can do it, yes, it can be done.

People around us prove it every day. They are the revolution of the evident.

People like Dimitris Glezos, based in Patras, who started Indifex and created an on-line platform used by thousands of translators from around the world to translate computer programs in multiple languages.


This totally caught me by surprise, and it's still kind of hard to believe. It's such an honor and a proof that we should be bold and take the step, dare to try new things and insist in pursuing our dream.

At this point I feel more motivated and psyched than ever. But most importantly, I feel grateful for everyone who is following our progress and respects our work. Your support means so much, and it's translated to our work as pure motivation.

ΤΟ ΒΗΜΑ hosts a transcript of the talk (in Greek) and following is the video of the talk (the mention happens at ~16m).

Update 14/9:

The following day, TA NEA, one of the most influential newspapers in Greece, published a whole-page article (eng) on Indifex and innovation. A number of news websites run articles (eng) on the topic, and I also had the opportunity to give a couple of interviews on the Greek Radio.