Turning 29

I remember it like it was yesterday.

I was 9. It was a hot summer day in Cyprus at my grandmother's back yard. My bicycle hit top speed, but chose a rather unfortunate and irreparable route towards the hen-house, resulting to my landing on a pile of mud and chicken poop. I sat down and watched the chicken stare at me, probably thinking something along the lines of "What a wacko."

I run to the house to brag about the mess I did with a huge smile on my face, only to find 15 relatives of mine --grandparents, aunts, cousins, in a my-big-fat-greek-wedding style-- preparing the birthday cake. We couldn't stop laughing with the smell and the picture of my clothes and face.

A few minutes later I blew the candles. My wish was to remember this very happy moment ten years later and continue getting myself into similarly hilarious places and situations.

The day I was turning 19 was a hot summer day, albeit without my face covered in poop. Instead, I found myself in the shower with a whole bunch of finely-chopped green parsley all over me. A buddy of mine finally managed to get back at me for a similarly crazy prank I did to him. We laughed 'till tears came out. At that point I remembered the hen-house incident, along with the promise I made to myself back then.

A decade later, these incidents are still coming back to me now.

The past years were a blessing to me. I feel so fortunate for everything that has happened to me, and I feel grateful to all my friends, my family and the people I worked with. Thank you all for everything.

Happy birthday wacko. Here's to another 10 years full of joy and happiness.

Here's to all the crazy people out there.

a (pic by Neal Sanche -- CC by-nc)